Quantum Construction Company is an experienced installer of exterior metal roofing, siding, and metal panel/window wall systems for the commercial and industrial building markets. Quantum’s origin dates back to the early 1980’s when they were formed to operate as the nonunion installer for a major panel manufacturer, H. H. Robertson Company (now CENTRIA). Since 1996, under new ownership, Quantum Construction Company has been operating as a full service, independent erector, with the capability of installing the metal wall and roof products of all the major panel manufacturers.

Our strongest asset is our people and their commitment to safety, quality, and schedule. Our construction supervisors are responsive, innovative, and leaders in the development and implementation of the latest construction techniques. They take pride in their problem solving capabilities and expertise, and are always ready to assist in solving “the unexpected.” All are properly trained in the latest OSHA safety regulations and panel installation requirements. The activities of the project supervisors are supported by our skilled work force, which has been developed and trained to assist in successful project installation and completion. Over the years, our supervisors and skilled work force have attained various amounts of experience – several with over twenty years in the metal panel industry.

Each associate of our professional management team has a minimum of 25 years in the metal wall panel industry. Their combined experience is diverse and covers all aspects of contracting, including project and construction management, customer service, contracts, estimating, and safety training, implementation and administration. All have been at least partially associated with Quantum since its inception in 1981.